The Test 59: A Cult Classic

August 28, 2016
Cunningham whips Dave and Stacey into a fervent passion this week, with her test on cults. Will Dave succumb to her idolatrous siren song? Will Stacey retain autonomy of her consciousness? Will they both "donate" all their money to Cunningham? Tune in and find out . . . though you might need some deprogramming once you're done.

The Test 58: Can You?

August 14, 2016

Can you? Will you? At the very least, would you give it a try? Stacey breaks format this week and puts Dave and Cunningham on the spot. How do they respond? Tune in to find out, and be prepared: there might be some mnemonic debate.


The Test 57: Love Me Some Elevators

August 10, 2016

What do Stacey and Cunningham have in common with Aerosmith? They all love elevators. Who knew? No politics this week, but there's still some controversy in the form of an elevator-related religious discussion. And Coach Brady provides a frenetic cameo. What's not to love? So take a ride, elevate yourself, keep score, and see if you can keep up with Stacey (spoiler alert: she's married to a guy who builds elevators . . . so it won't be easy).


The Test 56: Politics, Naps, and Canine Mating Rituals

August 1, 2016

This week on The Test, Cunningham asks some pointed political questions, both general and germane. Dave and Stacey attempt to answer, but often get sidetracked by other important issues (such as the rules of napping and the ins and outs of interbreed canine romance). Are you informed about this presidential election? Do you understand the nomination process? Can a cocker spaniel mate with a great dane without human assistance? You'll learn all this and more . . . so give it a whirl, keep score, and see how you fare.


The Test 55: Of Robots and Noodles

July 25, 2016

Is the only thing that separates humans from robots the ability to differentiate between different kinds of noodles? Learn the answer to this and more on this week's episode of The Test. Stacey will quiz you on your knowledge of robots in film and television, Cunningham will say things that artificial intelligence could never predict, and Dave will get machines and apes confused. Give it a shot, keep score, and remember: there's nothing better to fight off an angry swarm of robots than a hose.


The Test 54: Name That Comic

June 19, 2016

This week, Stacey demonstrates her uncanny ability to identify stand-up comedians by voice alone. Cunningham also professes to have the same uncanny ability, but this is proven suspect. So is her grading criteria, though she considers it "rude" for the gang to criticize her specious mathematics. Dave provides the audio samples, and you'll need to identify the comic, and-- as a bonus-- there's an overarching theme for each set of three. See if you can keep up with Stacey . . . she's uncanny!


The Test 53: Last Words

June 12, 2016

What will you say the moment before you die? Hopefully not "aye carumba." This week, Cunningham quizzes Dave and Stacey on famous last words from literature. Her readings are dramatic and eloquent, until number seven. Then things get weird. 

As a bonus, the gang ponders ethnicity, identity, and why Stacey couldn't name her dog Walter White. Take a shot, keep score, and see if you know your ass from your Waymunding.

The Test 52: The Test Test

June 5, 2016

Stacey begins season two with a meta-bang, and gives the gang a test on tests. Dave performs well, and-- a new feature in season two-- so does Cunningham. Stacey almost makes it to the end of the show without using profanity, but then makes up for lost time in the waning moments. Ironically, the gang knows the least about the thing they should know the most about. Check it out, see how you do, and welcome to season two.


The Test 51: Dave Does a Song Quiz?

May 28, 2016

Dave finally unveils his first song quiz, and makes his case on why his quiz is better than Stacey's quiz. Stacey and Cunningham discover that, empirically, this may not be the case. The quiz does prove to be educational, however, especially for Cunningham. Listen to the seven clips and see if you can figure out the overarching theme. As a bonus, Dave reveals his plans for season two of the show.


The Test 50: Closing Lines

May 22, 2016

This week on The Test, Cunningham teaches Dave and Stacey to finish strong. Not only does she quiz them on the closing lines of famous novels, but she also ends the episode with an inspirational peroration. Dave and Stacey prefer to start like a ball of fire and then fizzle . . . this is how they teach novels and-- coincidentally-- how they perform on this challenging test. See if you can keep up the pace or if you flag at the end like them.