The Test 92: Letters of Recommendation?

July 9, 2017

This week on The Test, Cunningham winds Dave and Stacey up with a quiz right in their wheelhouse. Listen to them leap one critical hurdle after another and see if you can keep up. As a bonus, Dave comes up with some immigration reform policy, Cunningham begins with a bang, and Stacey recommends something filthy (no surprise there). You might want to take notes on this one.


The Test 91: Through the Looking Glass (Menagerie)

July 3, 2017

Another brilliant test from Stacey, but this time-- just as Dave always suspected-- she didn't think of it herself! Unravel this mystery and many more, as you navigate the steep and thorny path through seven ethical dilemmas . . . with an added layer of mental gymnastics. Don't miss the surprise twist at the end of the credits, when Dave and Stacey laugh and laugh at Cunningham's anguish. 


The Test 90: Consume This

June 25, 2017

Dave quizzes the ladies (including special guest Little Allie Hogan) on the various things we consume. The numbers are weird, wild, and wonderful, and-- if you're a modern American-- they might be a little embarrassing. There is also an erotic reading and a cannibalistic interlude.


The Test 89: Music from the Past (for the Future)

June 19, 2017

Stacey provides Dave and Mike with yet another clever thematic music quiz. Listen to the song clips, identify the artists, contemplate the lyrics, compile the clues, and then-- in the timeless style of Archimedes-- leap from your tub, scream "Eureka!" and then run through the streets, buck-naked and dripping wet, while proclaiming your answer . . . only to find it is wrong (and you're without clothing . . . in public).


The Test 88: Fear the Reaper

June 6, 2017

Despite the proximal whirling scythe of grim-visaged death, Dave and the gang prevail and present you with this test full of grim shit. Special guest Mike gets the last word in (actually the last number) and Cunningham breaks new ground in depression therapy. As a special thematically related bonus, Stacey threatens to kill Dave.


The Test 87: Brothers From Another Mother

May 22, 2017

Once again, Stacey comes up with a genius test idea all by herself! Without the help of a man! But before you get to the fun, you'll have to learn about the gang's attempt to cure cancer . . . and the mysteries of the human body. A gross and sun-dazed episode the whole family will enjoy.


The Test 86: Movies in Five (That’s Three Sir)

May 14, 2017

Stacey presents a brilliant set of cinematic puzzles (which she created all by herself, without the aid of a man). Unfortunately, despite the caliber of the quiz, things don't go as smoothly as they should . . . a peeing dog, low batteries, and Dave's newfound psychic abilities send this test into uncharted waters. 


The Test 85: Going with the Flow

April 30, 2017

Please join us for a very special episode of The Test. Get ready for mysteries and surprises, the revelation of a new superpower, and a whole lot more. A whole lot more . . .


The Test 84: The Six Degrees of Canine Flatulence

April 24, 2017

Have you ever wondered about the underpinnings of human consciousness? How thoughts come to be? If three people asphyxiating from dog farts can make connections between random celebrities? Explore all this profundity and much, much more on this week's episode of The Test (starring Vin Diesel as Jesus Christ).  


The Test 83: Going Viral

April 13, 2017

Cunningham proudly presents "the dumbest thing she's ever made." And while she doesn't know what she's looking for, Stacey and Dave have no problem dumbing it down and meeting her half way there. See if you know what's up with the young people, and if you have what it takes to go viral.